The best way to uninstall V365 is by using the installer. 

Open the installer that was used to install the product, and the user should be prompted to Repair or Remove installation. This process ensures that all components that were installed with the app are uninstalled, and the system is clean in the event a new install needs to be created.

There are some reasons why the remove option is not available - could be an much older installation, or perhaps the installer is no longer on the machine. In any case, the app needs to be fully removed, as well as all associated components.

01. In Settings: Locate the Vessel365 app and UNINSTALL.

02. In Settings: Locate the SQL 2019 app and UNINSTALL.

03. In Task Manager: Locate the following SQL V365 processes, and if they are present, End Task:

04. Open File Explorer and navigate to the following files/folders:

C: > Program Files > Microsoft SQL Server > delete the folder named MSSQL15.V365. 

(If those SQL processes have not been ended in Task Manager, you will not be able to delete this)

C: > Program Files (x86) > delete the folder name MarineCFO

05. Check if there are any pending updates to machine, if so, run them and reboot the machine. If there are no pending updates, reboot.


Any new installation created AFTER an uninstall but BEFORE a reboot, will NOT work, and it will NEVER work.

If an installation is created without a reboot, it will need to be uninstalled and machine rebooted before attempting again.